Travelogue Bali Food To Avoid | I Made Joni @ Ubud
Bali Food To Avoid | I Made Joni @ Ubud
Written by Shirley T   
Saturday, 17 August 2013 08:34

If you've been following my food posts, there are probably only a couple restaurants out of many hundreds that I would never recommend to my readers. Ironically, I Made Joni that is about 5 minutes from Ubud Downtown is one of them. Stay away from I Made Joni Restaurant! All I can tell is we were conned to walk into this restaurant.
The facade of I Made Joni in Ubud Bali
Believing our driver cum tour guide was not likely to recommend 'something not-that-bad' to tourists, we decided to stop looking at the cheap and good foods in Ubud Downtown. Instead, we landed at I Made Joni that was claimed to offer a stunning looking view at which we couldn't expect much as darkness had already crawled in by 6:30 pm.
Rice paddy fields


An empty restaurant out of nowhere, we smelled trouble as soon as we stepped into the restaurant. Left with no choice for dinner, we opted only for simple foods although crispy duck or better known as Dirty Duck (Bebek Bengil) is one of the most recommended dishes of Ubud. Thank God that we didn't ask for that.
Ice water watermelon
Watermelon juice was the first to arrive. Plain and it was more of ice water than a juice. Beef spaghetti bolognese was served cold. I can cook a much better one than this! We ordered Chicken in Basket but it wasn't arrived in that manner. Instead, the fried chicken was as if re-fried or warmed up a little before served. They were the hardest that I ever tried. The tartar sauce tasted rancid or perhaps pinched from an expired batch. Served with French fries and a couple slices of tomato, the dish looked pathetic even to a hungry man. We paid Rp 194k (US$20) for everything. Didn't sound pricy but the foods are certainly over-priced judging from its poor ingredients. How I wish that I were smarter after a few painful lessons from the past tours in China and Bangkok!
With spaghetti sauce from the can
Oven heat up fried chicken
Honestly, I would rather go hungry rather than consuming the foods at I Made Joni. Remember, this place is a place where bus load tourists congregated because the drivers are given incentive to bring them here. The drivers even have billiard tables of their own opposite the restaurant.

If you are in Ubud with tour, ask your driver where he is taking you to. Or, do a bit of research to spare the bad food experience that may spoil your vacation mood. Personally, this was the worst food experience during my vacation abroad that I am going to repeat, again and again when it comes to telling people about the worst things of my Bali trip.

I Made Joni Restaurant & Gallery
Teges Kanginan Ubud 80571 Bali

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